How do I change my password when logged into my NHSX account?

Note :

Your NHSx account and your virtual campus account passwords are linked. 

Changing your NHSx account password will also alter your virtual campus password.

This section of the guide takes you through the process of changing your password when you are already logged into your NHSx account.

To change your password, you need to go into the 'Manage your account' settings page.

1.  Select on your name in the top right hand corner of the Dashboard page and then select on 'Settings'.See Figure 1.

Navigate to  'Mange your account Account' Settings

Figure 1

2.  In the 'Manage your account' page scroll down to the password section and enter the password you wish to set for the NHSx / virtual campus account.  See Figure 2 below.  Enter the new password you wish to use in the 'New password' box and then repeat it in the 'Confirm password' box.  See password conditions outlined at the bottom of this guide.

Enter your choice of password

Figure 2

3.  Once you have typed in a new password , select 'UPDATE MY ACCOUNT' in the bottom right hand side          of the screen.  See Figure 3.

 Confirm your new password
Figure 3
Password Reset Conditions:

Having a password is a critical part of remaining secure on NHSx.  This also holds true if you are signed up on a programme that entails you logging into a virtual campus .

When setting your password, it should be a mixture of capital and lowercase letters and numbers, and preferably symbols. The password should be something that you can remember, but no-one else can guess.


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