How do I show my name on my Jenner certificate rather than my Academy ID?

When first registered on the Edward Jenner Programme your profile will be set, by default, to show your 10 - digit Academy ID.

You can toggle between showing your name or your 10 - digit Academy ID at any time.

What ever option you choose at the time will remain and show on your account profile and on passing on your E-certificate.

That is if the "Privacy Settings" was set to show your Academy ID then your completed online E-certificate will show your Academy ID on the name section instead of your name.

To show your name on your account and awarded E-certificate please follow the process outlined below.

  1. Sign into NHSx using your 10 - digit Academy ID for your Username:
  2. Once logged into NHSx you will be at the 'Dashboard' screen.  Navigate to the top right and select your name and then from the drop down box select "Settings".  See Figure 1.

Select your name and then "Settings

Figure 1

3.  On the next page navigate down the left hand side and select "UPDATE" on the "Privacy Settings" option.        See Figure 2.      

Select "UPDATE" button.

Figure 2

4.  If the "Standard public-private profile" is selected then your name will be displayed along with all the                 conditions stated below it.  See Figure 3.


Displays your name

Figure 3

       If the "Privacy-enhanced profile" is selected, see Figure 4, then your 10 - digit Academy id will be                     displayed on your certificate along with all the conditions stated below it.

Displays your 10 - digit Academy ID

Figure 4

5.  Once you have decided on the privacy option, navigate to the right hand side and select on "UPDATE              PRIVACY SETTINGS" to commit your choice.  See Figure 5.

Commit your choice of privacy

Figure 5

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