How do I continue my Edward Jenner when it has expired?

If you find that your Edward Jenner Programme is grayed out  and non selectable, then the Cohort end date has been surpassed and your access to it has expired.

To continue with the course you will need to enrol on the Edward Jenner programme again.

By doing this it will reactivate the programme and allow you to continue from where you left off.

*NB: If you had been enrolled on Version 1.0 then you will have to start the course from the beginning as this version has now been discontinued.

To enroll again please follow the following steps.

  1. Sign in to NHSx using your existing 10 - digit Academy ID as your Username:
  2. Once signed into NHSx, you will be at the "Dashboard" screen.  See Figure 1.  Select on "Programmes" which will take you to the "Available Programmes" that we run.

    Figure 1

Select "Programmes"


3. From within the "Available Programmes" blocks presented, look for and enrol on the "Edward Jenner                Programme".   See Figure 2.  This will reactivate your programme and allow you to continue from where          you left off (please see note above *).

Figure 2

Select on "Enrol Now" on the Edward Jenner Programme

Figure 2

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